After many years of putting effort, love, and time into compiling and creating the yearly Advent Devotional, Deb Shold is taking a much-deserved break this year. We are so grateful to her for helping to provide this yearly “gift” to us.

As we all know, this year presents us with new challenges, so we find ourselves needing to be a bit creative . Because of this and issues of time it seems that it might be necessary and interesting to try something new.

We are looking for talented and insightful folks from our church family to submit items which could be posted to all during the coming Advent season.

These contributions could include:

  • Reflection on a scripture passage
  • Insight or information on a piece of music
  • A special Christmas lesson or memory Reflection on Advent
  • A song
  • A poem (yours or a favorite of yours)
  • Artwork
  • A video (a family singing,speaking,etc?)
  • Something else??

If you are interested and willing to share in this way, please let Becky Anderson know right away and she will guide you through the submitting process.  Or, if you’re ready to go, please use the easy link below to upload your files.  Please don’t let technology stand in the way of getting involved, there are many friends at the church that would happily help you with that part of the process.

Hope to hear from you!

Becky Anderson

How to submit files:

Click below to upload your contributions for the Advent Devotional (video, picture, word document, etc.). That is the most efficient method of getting us the files.

Upload to our Dropbox

You can also e-mail your submission to the office, but if you have any trouble at all, just call and we’ll line you up with a volunteer who can help.