Advent Devotional Foreword

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Every volunteer who wrote a devotional entry for each of the 41 days of Advent this year was given assigned scripture texts from an Old Testament prophecy, a New Testament text, a Gospel text and some Psalms. They were instructed to read their assigned texts in several different versions of the Bible and ponder them for a few days, looking for a theme or a word that stands out or something new they’d not noticed before. It’s amazing what blessing can come from time spent meditating on God’s words in that way.

As editor of the Advent Devotional, I am privileged to get a “sneak peek” at each entry as they are submitted. It is no small thing that God uses these individuals to communicate His truths in such a variety of ways. This devotional is not a random collection of writings and drawings and scripture texts, but a very intentional compilation of entries to direct our hearts and minds to the truth and hope evidenced by God’s promises throughout scripture, both fulfilled and yet to come. It is His desire that we seek Him with intention and embrace His gift of salvation through Christ’s first coming. May our lives glorify Him as we anticipate Christ’s second coming.

May you be blessed as this devotional guides you to seek the very heart of God this Advent season.

With joy and anticipation,

Deb Shold

on behalf of the Celebration Commission