December 21, 2016

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Wednesday,  December 21, 2016
1Samuel 2:1-10; Genesis 37:2-11; Matthew 1:1-17
By Matthias Frasch

Letting go for a change.

Honestly, Hannah had no good reason to sing praises to the Lord. Only four short years after pleading with God for a child, she had travelled back to Shiloh, fully aware that she was about to leave her little Sammy in the care of Eli and his two rotten sons. One can only imagine the hardship and agony this journey must have taken on Hannah. Even though she offered this moment in her plea with God well before Samuel’s birth, the time had now come to fulfill the promise she had once made.

Yet, only hope and joy shine through the words of her prayer. She speaks of God’s deliverance and strength, a future for her people and positive change. The depth of her payer allows us to believe that Hannah, through God’s mysterious ways, must have known that her three-year old boy would someday guide her people through one of their most fundamental changes.

You see, the longing for a king became a pressing issue to Hannah’s people at that time. They desired a leader to rule over them while enforcing God’s given law and establish their society as a powerful kingdom. Willingly would they accept the risks and costs that were to come with the installment of a King.

And so, many years after Hannah was leaving her son into God’s care, Samuel anointed David as the King of Israel. It would take another 27 generations before yet another mother would sing a song of praise, rejoicing in the birth of her son, out in the fields by Bethlehem surrounded by the poor and rejected. A child bringing change to the world, establishing his kingdom of peace, love and light. She, too, would need to let him go, but also see him rise to his glory.

I hope that during this time of the year, we are able to reflect on where we need to accept change and are willing to let go of what holds us back.