December 26, 2016

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Monday,  December 26, 2016
Psalm 148; Acts 7:59-8:8
By Steve and Barbara Swanson

With Exclamation!!!

As we read Psalm 148, the orchestra of God’s praise sounds loud and clear:  angels and heavenly beings, sun, moon and stars, mountains and hills, wild animals and flying birds, kings and rulers, young and old.  What a glorious picture of God’s kingdom!  Everything praises the Lord of Hosts with exclamation! Advent invites us to look for the kingdom of God that is here in our midst and still coming.

Where do you hear the sounds of exclamation in your life?
Are you missing the praise chorus all around you?

Have you ever been awakened by the singing of birds on an early summer morning?  Who is their audience?  Are they singing for themselves or are they singing God’s praise and we are privileged to listen in?  Often our busy human agendas blind us to the wonder of God’s glory. We have to answer that email or check out what friends have posted on social media.  Could God be asking us to slow down, step back and just listen to the song of praise in creation this Advent?

For the past 12 years, we have participated in an international congregation in Antwerp, Belgium with 150 people from 38 different nations.  The sounds of prayer in foreign languages, the joyful expression of praise with various instruments and music styles have given us a glimpse of God’s glory. The words sound different, but the message is exactly the same.  “His name alone is exalted; His glory is above earth and heaven.” (vs.13)