December 29, 2016

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Thursday,  December 29, 2016
Psalm 20; Jeremiah 31:15-22; Luke 19:41-44
By Rachel Johnson

Weeping. We have experienced so much celebration and joy as we approach the birth of Christ, and already we turn to mourning. In today’s text from the gospel of Luke, Jesus laments over Jerusalem and her people with tears. Why? Because they missed his coming – they did not know the time, they did not know what would make peace for them, and they have missed this opportunity to know their Messiah among them.

In our text from Jeremiah, we have the Lord God’s response to lamentation, weeping and loss. What is the response? The promise of reward, of return, of hope for the future. When Ephraim confesses to the Lord God and requests restoration, the response is full of love. God remembers, His heart yearns, and He will give mercy to his dear son, his darling child.

When we are in the day of trouble, when we need saving, when the enemy hems us in on every side, sometimes we find it difficult to trust in the name of the Lord, as David exhorts us in Psalm 20. Sometimes, we turn away, we lament and weep. No matter how far we may turn, we still are not alone. The Lord weeps with us, waiting and yearning for us to return to Him. We are His remembered, dear children, and He will welcome our return with mercy, granting us hope for our future.