December 9, 2016

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Friday, December 9, 2016
Psalm 146:5-10; Ruth 4:13-17; 2 Peter 3:11-18
By Rick Johnson

The biblical book of Ruth, though short, is filled with pathos and struggle. It’s the story of widowed Naomi and her widowed daughter-in-law, Ruth, as they strive to survive.  It’s also the story of Boaz, a rich farmer somehow related to Naomi who, recognizing his duty to help provide for the poor, leaves more grain in the fields than he normally would in order to make life a bit easier for Naomi and Ruth. Today’s text from the book of Ruth is the joyous denouement of the story: Boaz has married Ruth and they have a son. As the women of the town tell Naomi, the Lord had not left her without a kinsman-redeemer.

Peter tells us that as we wait for the coming day of the Lord we ought to live lives of holiness and godliness or God-likeness. Our lives ought to reflect the character and nature of God.

This advent season (and all year round) may we be like Boaz who watched over Naomi and Ruth in their distress.  May we imitate God who “executes justice for the oppressed … gives food to the hungry … sets the prisoners free … opens the eyes of the blind … lifts up those who are bowed down  … watches over the strangers … upholds the orphan and the widow.”