Helping Children in Worship

Posted by on Sep 29, 2015 in Children, Families, Kari | No Comments

Children are valued at Bethlehem and as a core part of the Bethlehem family, kids are welcome in the worship service. We understand that some days may seem easier than others, but here are a few things to help your children engage during worship:

  1. Listen and learn some of the songs we sing. For my little ones, if there is a song they are familiar with during worship, they are more likely to engage on their own. Check out Pastor Matt’s blog with a list of commonly used songs:     Music from Church
  2. Grab an age appropriate Children’s Bulletin on the way in. There are 2 options- 1 for the non or early readers and 1 geared for kids 7-12. The bulletins highlight the Scripture that is being taught.
  3. Grab a worship bag. These are especially useful during the quieter times of worship.
  4. Grab an age appropriate “Sermon Notes” sheet.
  5. For the younger ones have them illustrate something from the service, for the older ones, have them listen for key phrases or words.

This is just a small list of helpful hints, I’ve used them with my own children! If you have other ideas, please let me know and we can add to this list!