Bible Study: April

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Bible Study: April

Does it seem like your small group was just getting in the groove of preparing for each Sunday sermon by reading the text together through Lent, and then it all came to an abrupt halt with Holy Week? You and your group can pick up right where we left off, and continue to read each week’s scripture passage together. The pastors won’t be providing a study guide for each week, as they did through Lent, but you can always fall back on the three questions early Mission Friends asked as they read Bible together:

What does it teach?
What does it command?
What does it promise?

Here are the passages and preaching themes for April –

4/7     Luke 24:13-27, 28-35       “Open Eyes; Burning Hearts”

4/14                  Testimony Sunday- no sermon – How has God been evident in your life?

4/21   Acts 8:26-35, 36-40          “Welcoming the Outcast”

4/28  Acts 15:1-11, 12-21             “Salvation from the Rubble”