2015 Lucia Fest

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Lucia 2015

Once again we will share the joy of Christmas with our neighbors, friends and families. This celebration is not-to-be-missed! Our seating is limited and tickets sell out quickly.

Lucia is celebrated on December 13th in Sweden. Lucia, usually the oldest girl in the family, dressed in a white robe with a red ribbon around her waist and a crown of white candles on her head, brings coffee and saffron-flavored buns to her parents in bed. She is followed by her sisters, also in white, and brothers who wear star covered cone-shaped hats and carry large stars (star boys).

There are many legends about how Lucia came to Sweden from Italy. She is said to bring light after a long cold winter and the ideas of sharing and caring to the Swedish people. Join us for a sampling of traditional Swedish food, music, singing, dancing and of course Lucia herself.

Lucia at Bethlehem will be celebrated on December 12th. Ticket order forms are available through November 8 and are Bethlehem’s designated priority Sundays. Telephone orders begin on Monday, November 9 unless we are sold out. If you plan to request tickets by telephone, please review the information and instructions that will be needed before you call. See (link)   Ticket prices are also on this link. Kelly or Terri will add your name to the office master list in the order that the calls are received. More details are available in the November STAR, (see EXPLORE, “Events & More”). Please contact the church office if you have questions.