Immerse: Prophets

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Part of our commitment to be formed by the Word of God has been to immerse ourselves in the story of scripture with a great tool of the Immersion Bible Reading Experience.

Starting the week of March 10th, you’re invited to join with others at Bethlehem to read Immerse: Prophets and with a simple 5-day a week reading schedule, we’ll read the major and minor prophets of the Hebrew scriptures, chronologically arranged to parallel the historical narratives of Israel’s “kingdom” periods.  Immerse: Prophets is the third volume of a 6 volume text of the Old and New Testament designed for easy reading.

Additionally, we’re organizing a handful of small group “book clubs” to meet each week for you to informally discuss your reading and your questions. Look for information and sign-ups in the atrium in the coming weeks.  We’ll have copies of the book for sale in the atrium for just $10. E-Books, Audio Files, and a host of other resources can be downloaded from the Immerse website .