Confirmation 2018-19: Session Nine

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The single longest collection of Jesus’ teachings in the four gospels is called the Sermon on the Mount. You’ll find it in Matthew chapters 5-8. It is a series of very challenging words for the followers of Christ to devote themselves to high standards of conduct. In it, Jesus takes the classic moral imperatives of the […]

Advent & Christmas 2018

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December is always a very full month at Bethlehem. Here’s what our schedule of worship looks like in the coming weeks: December 2nd & 9th- 1st and 2nd Sundays of Advent. Worship at 8:45a & 11am December 16th – 3rd Sunday of Advent. Christmas Pageant at 10:30am (one service) December 16th – Caroling for the […]

Confirmation 2017-18: Session Eight

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If you had to sum up what it is Jesus preached and taught in the three years he ministered, you could say it was the Kingdom of God. The phrase “Kingdom of God” or “Kingdom of Heaven” appears over 100 times in the four gospels. We pray for it every time we say the Lord’s prayer, […]

Confirmation 2018-19: Session Seven

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As I’ve said many times in confirmation class, there are two basic parts to the Bible: the Problem and the Solution. The problem is sin, death, evil, and chaos. The solution according to the Bible is something very specific, “a covenant for a holy people.” The Bible is the story of God’s promised work to […]

Thanksgiving Eve 2018

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Its a great tradition here at Bethlehem to gather together on the night before Thanksgiving to have a time of singing, scripture, and sharing our stories of gratitude and thankfulness. Its also an opportunity to learn more about the work of Covenant World Relief, our partner organization in humanitarian work across the globe. On Thanksgiving […]

Confirmation 2018-19: Session Six

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So we’ve covered the birth of Jesus, now we jump ahead 30-some years to an adult Jesus about to begin 3 years of preaching, teaching, healing, and other ministry. But how does it begin? He goes to the Jordan River for baptism. According to Building block #11 of our “Foundations for Faith” the Christian practice of Baptism […]

Confirmation 2018-19: Session Five

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We’re talking about Christmas this week! No, not reindeer and elves and trees kind of Christmas. The more important story of Christmas: the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Our first four weeks have been focused on familiarizing ourself with the Bible and the basics of scripture and theology. Now we begin digging into the content of […]

Confirmation 2017-18: Session Four

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This week we turn to the four gospels. First, let’s define that word, “gospel.” In the time of the New Testament, when Rome conquered a new territory or won a great battle, a messenger would announce “euangelion” or in English, “Good News” to the people. Gospel just means “good news”. We read in the New […]

Confirmation 2018-19: Session Three

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Last week we talked about how the Bible is Jewish Meditation Literature. Unlike western literature, the Bible is written without the same attention to things like specific chronology or precise details unimportant to the story, but instead it focuses more on symbols, motifs (repetitions), and abstract ideas. The Bible is not so much a technical […]

Confirmation 2018-19: Session Two

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The Bible is a library of 66 distinct books, written over the span of 1000 years, with dozens of different authors involved. It is the best selling and most widely read book in history, having impacted hundreds of millions of lives directly. What does it teach us about God and Life? How do we come […]