Worship in the Park 2018

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This July 29th we take worship outside! Our sixth annual “Worship in the Park” returns to the Minnehaha Falls Bandstand. We’ll have one worship service  at 10:30am that Sunday where both the choir and the band will lead us in hymns and songs while we listen to the Word outside in the splendor of God’s creation. After worship, […]

Summer Worship Schedule 2018

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Starting May 27th through Labor Day weekend, we move to our summer schedule of worship services. That means Sunday mornings will look a little like this: 9am – Contemporary Worship 10am – Coffee and Conversation 10:30am -Classic Worship There is no Sunday school throughout the summer.  Also, take note of three special dates when we’ll […]

Loaves and Fishes: May 24th

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Bethlehem Covenant Church is proud to partner with Loaves and Fishes Minnesota to help provide food and hospitality for our neighbors in need. Our next quarterly serving date is May 24th and we are always in need of volunteers who can help prepare food, serve dinner, and clean up afterwards. Our serving site is Holy […]

Confirmation 2017-18: Session Twenty-Four

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While we’ve been working through the narrative and history of the people of Israel, its important to understand the wider meaning of the story of the Old Testament as it relates to the Christian Faith and our own life in Christ. Again, returning to the them of Exile we see that the the story of […]

Confirmation 2017-18: Session Twenty-Three

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  Last time we met, we spoke about the Babylonian Captivity, how thousands of Jews were taken from their homeland to be captives in Babylon. After 70 years in Babylon, the Persian Empire (in modern day Iran) conquered the Babylonian Empire (and most of the rest of the Middle East) and the Persian King Cyrus […]

Spring Bike Clinic

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With the Spring weather finally here its time to get you back out on the bike! From 9am-noon this Sunday, April 29th, our resident biking experts will be around to lend a hand with some basic bike maintenance and tune-ups. This is our free service to our neighbors: spread the word!

Confirmation 2018: Session Twenty-One

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After Jerusalem was destroyed by the Babylonians in the year 586BC, thousands of young people were taken as captives back to the city of Babylon. We sometimes call this period of time the Babylonian Exile or the Babylonian Captivity. It was a time of great crisis for the people. Their beloved temple was destroyed, the […]

Holy Week and Easter 2018

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At Bethlehem we mark the week proceeding Easter with a number of opportunities for worship and reflection. Palm Sunday – Join us for the waving Palms to remember Jesus arrival at Jerusalem, followed by a readers’ theater retelling of the Passion. Services at 8:45 & 11am. Maundy Thursday – We remember the night Jesus was betrayed by […]

Confirmation 2017-18: Session Twenty

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We’re now entering one of the “lowest” points in the Old Testament story. Because of Judah’s continued idolatry and injustice, God removed his protection from the nation and the Babylonians (sometimes called “Chaldeans”) conquered the nation, destroyed the temple, burned the city down, and stole into captivity thousands of the youngest and most skilled people back to Babylon. Things […]

Confirmation 2017-18: Session Nineteen

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This week we continue looking at the work of the Old Testament prophets. Last week we looked at how the Kingdom of Israel divided, and the northern tribes of Isreal/Samaria quickly fell into the practice of idol worship. Having been cut off from the temple in Jerusalem, the people forgot the true God of Israel […]