Confirmation 2017-18: Session Twelve

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This week we continue in the Old Testament books of history, beginning with Joshua and Judges. Having escaped from Egypt, the Hebrews wandered in the wilderness for 40 years until God announces they are to enter the promised land of Canaan. Moses dies and Joshua is chosen to lead the children of Israel. Then begins […]

Confirmation 2017-18: Session Ten

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Since last week we only scratched the surface in our discussion about Torah and Law, we’re spending some more time looking at it this week. The Bible Project gives us a helpful summary of the Hebrew books of Law. The first five books of the Bible are sometimes called, “The Books of Moses”. Moses was […]

Advent & Christmas 2017

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December is always a very full month at Bethlehem. Here’s what our schedule of worship looks like in the coming weeks: December 3rd & 10th- 1st and 2nd Sundays of Advent. Worship at 8:45a & 11am December 17th – 3rd Sunday of Advent. Christmas Pageant at 9am & 10:30am December 17th – Caroling for the […]

Confirmation 2017-18: Session Nine

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As we’ve discussed many times in confirmation class so far, one way to summarize the Bible’s story of God’s solution for the problem of sin and death is this: A Covenant for a Holy People. We’ve spent some time defining what a Covenant is, but what does it mean to be a “holy people”? Holiness […]

Confirmation 2017-18: Session Eight

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We’re covering a lot of material this week including the last half of Genesis and the first half of Exodus. After God makes a Covenant with Abraham in Genesis chapter 12, we read about Abraham and Sarah’s descendants including their son Isaac who had twin boys with Rebekah: Jacob and Esau. Jacob and Esau were […]

Confirmation 2017-18: Session Seven

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Last session I suggested that the Bible falls into two basic sections: Genesis 1-11, and Genesis 12–Revelation 22. I call the two sections “The Problem” and “The Solution”. The problem is sin. Review faith building blocks #5 and #6 for our definition of sin. If sin is the problem, what then is God’s solution? It […]

Pizza with the Pastors

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This Sunday night, October 29, all are invited to a fun, relaxed evening of conversation and learning about Bethlehem Covenant Church and it’s ministries. “Pizza with the Pastors” goes from 5-6:30pm. There will be Pizza Lucé, beverages, fun, and information. Kids are welcome and childcare is available!

Confirmation 2017-18: Session Six

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For the next two class sessions we are looking at the very essence of scripture’s drama, the problem and the solution. To use more theological words, we’re looking specifically at sin and salvation. If I ask, how is the Bible divided into two parts? Most people would answer, “the Old Testament and the New Testament.” While that is true, I […]

Confirmation 2017: Session Five

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Our purpose this week is to just very generally familiarize ourselves with the geography, history, and cultures of the Biblical world. Probably 99% of the stories of the Old Testament take place in the geographic region we commonly call “the Fertile Crescent”, an area of land that stretches from the Nile Valley in Egypt, upwards along […]

Confirmation 2017: Session Four

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This week we take a deeper look at the creation story and zoom in on the creation of human beings. Perhaps the first thing to notice about the creation of human beings in Genesis 1 is that when they are made, creation is described as “very good.” Gen 1:31). Everything else God makes in Genesis […]