Children’s Ministries “Parent Link” March 14, 2012

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Well it doesn’t feel much like March outside but we’ll take this beautiful weather. Tonight in Pioneer Club we’re going to take a break from our lessons and enjoy some fun and games outside on the child care center playground to enjoy the sunshine and warmth. This past Sunday Ryan preached on one of the most important topics I believe there is for children’s faith formation, the ten commandments. It’s easy to look at the ten commandments or any part of God’s law found in the Old Testament as rules that limit our fun. But their intent is anything but to limit our fun. The ten commandments teach us how to live well for God in God’s kingdom. If we live by these commandments we will live a life of worshipful faith in the true and living God alone and we’ll navigate relationships with our family, friends, and neighbors well. The ten commandments are a gift from God that teach us what it means to live a life of love for God and for our fellow man.

Last Sunday Cindy Bergstrom led a banner making session for children Pre-K – 5th grade in which the kids designed, sketched, cut, and glued a banner for lent with the donkey Jesus rode in his triumphal entry and a palm branch for the palms the people waved as Jesus entered Jerusalem, it was a fun time.

This Sunday the children will be back in their individual Sunday school classes and in children’s church we’ll study John 3:14-21 which teaches why Jesus became a man and entered into our world, because Jesus loved the world so much, he became human and laid down his life for his friends.

Thanks for staying current with children’s ministries at Bethlehem, enjoy the beautiful week on tap.

Pastor Derek