Confirmation 2018-19: Session Nineteen

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As we come to the end of this year of Confirmation, it’d be good to review some of the most important lessons we’ve emphasized in the last number of months. I’ve described the Bible as being essentially two basic parts: The Problem: Sin, Death, and Disorder in creation The Solution: A covenant for a holy […]

Confirmation 2018-19: Session Seventeen

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The 22 books that make up the New Testament were written between 20-50 years after the death and resurrection of Christ. The earliest books of the New Testament were the letters of Paul, and in later decades other Apostles and their followers composed the four gospels as well as the letters we call “General Epistles” […]

Confirmation 2018-19: Session Sixteen

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Over half of the New Testament comes from the pen of Saul of Tarsus, or better know to us as “The Apostle Paul”. We learned some of his story last week. Saul hated the church and was a persecutor of Christians until he encountered the risen Christ and had his life totally transformed (Galatians 1:13-16). […]

Confirmation 2018-19: Session Fifteen

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Last week we talked about the strange event that took place 50 days after the resurrection of Jesus: Pentecost. Among Jesus last words to his disciples was that he would be with them always. Yet ascended to heaven so how could that be? On Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples in a miraculous […]

Confirmation 2018-19: Session Fourteen

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In order to cover all our material before the year ends, the remaining class sessions will be a little more “full” of content. It will also require all of us to be attentive and thoughtful about some big questions of Christian faith. We begin with some additional thoughts on Heaven and Earth, Resurrection, and New […]

Confirmation 2018-19: Session Thirteen

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We now turn to the most important story of the entire scripture, the event on which all Christian faith hangs: the Resurrection of the Son of God. The Apostle Paul put it most succinctly, “If Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile.” (1 Corinthians 15:17). Benjamin Franklin once said, “nothing in this world […]

Confirmation 2018-19: Session Twelve

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We continue our discussion of what the death of Jesus means by looking at the profound ways God has given the church to experience his grace through sacraments. The Word “Sacrament” comes from the Latin word sacrementum which means “holy mysteries”. That’s not a terribly helpful definition. Saint Augustine was one of the great theologians of […]

Confirmation 2018-19: Session Eleven

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For the last few months we’ve given a lot of attention to Jesus’ life and teachings, now we turn to his death. That Jesus was killed on a Roman cross is probably the most well known fact in the world about Jesus. The cross was a tool of public torture, designed to inflict great suffering and […]

Confirmation 2018-19: Session Ten

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It’s good to be back after break. We’re continuing to work through the teachings of Jesus and his ministry as we read about in the gospels. We’ve determined that the main “theme” of Jesus’ teaching is the Kingdom of God and that the most important facet of God’s Kingdom is loving relationships with God and […]

Confirmation 2018-19: Session Nine

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The single longest collection of Jesus’ teachings in the four gospels is called the Sermon on the Mount. You’ll find it in Matthew chapters 5-8. It is a series of very challenging words for the followers of Christ to devote themselves to high standards of conduct. In it, Jesus takes the classic moral imperatives of the […]