CHIC2012: The Final Countdown!

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Here is a flurry of last-minute information.  None of it critical, all of it meant to enhance the experience of the parents we’re leaving behind.  Way, way behind.  In this age of robots and satellites, we have a couple tricks you can use to watch from the sidelines.  Even if those sidelines are 1,000 miles away.

  1. Google Latitude — If you send Dave an email (, he’ll send you an invite to a free Google program called Latitude.  If you become “friends” with Dave on Latitude, you’ll be able to track our group’s movements as we careen from state to state.  Depending on coverage, you can often see where we’re at down to meter.  Pretty cool. (If you aren’t tech-savvy, Google has dozens of tutorials online, explaining Latitude quite well…)
  2. Twitter — You can follow Dave on Twitter anytime (David_S_Johnson), but we’re asking our kids and leaders, while they’re at CHIC, to add #CHICorBust to all their tweets.  This way, no matter who you’re friends with, you can see our all group’s tweets, pics, and videos all week.   Shots of us camping, at concerts, rafting — it’ll all be there in real time!  Just search for #CHICorBust
  3. GPS — This is an easy one, but if your kid’s got a phone, enable the GPS on it.  This lets you see exactly where they are.  Most major cell carriers have ways for you to check the location of a particular phone, especially if you’re the one paying the bill (which I suspect you might be).

Anything else bothering you?  Now, and after we leave, feel free to call Dave with any questions.  Looking forward to seeing you all soon!