Community Bible Experience

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As we read through the entire New Testament as a church, we’re bound to read things that might perplex us and even disturb us! It’s very natural to find yourself with a lot of questions when reading the Bible, so we’re collecting your thoughts and questions, and this summer the pastors will try and help find some answers at worship.



Starting the week of February 19th our congregation is joining together for an ambitious project to read the entire New Testament by Easter. For many of us this seems like a daunting task; but with a few new tools thanks to our denomination and we have a fresh way to learn from scripture.

Community Bible Experience: New Testament reading campaign from Biblica on Vimeo.

In addition to Biblica’s reassembled New Testament to help us read larger portions of scripture more like a narrative and less like a reference book, there are also a wealth of online resources that can be emailed to your inbox once a day to help you with your reading (including a brief video introduction to each day’s reading). At the CBE website you’ll also find a free electronic version of the text for your e-readers, and an audiobook version of the New Testament –so you can listen on your commute! Hard copies of The Books of the Bible: New Testament will be available in the church office and atrium for a suggested donation of $5.

Perhaps most important of all to the Community Bible Experience is that we don’t read alone. To help us share our thoughts and insights with one another three small group book clubs will meet once week on Monday nights, Thursday nights, and Saturday mornings (contact the office for details or sign up in the atrium).