Congo Clinic Project

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The Covenant Church and Bethlehem Church have a long history of ministry and friendship in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Congolese Covenant Church is a vibrant African denomination in one of the world’s poorest countries that is even larger than the Covenant Church in America. In 1964 a Covenant Medical Missionary named Dr. Paul Carlson traveled to Congo to serve people in the name of Jesus. When civil war broke out, Carlson had the opportunity to escape, but decided to return to offer aid to the victims of violence. He was captured and killed by rebel forces, giving his life in service to others.

In honor of Paul Carlson, the Covenant Church continues to serve the people of Congo with the Paul Carlson Partnership, an NGO dedicated to medical and economic development in the most underserved places of central Africa. In the poorest regions of the DRC, one in five children will not live longer than 5 years. vaccine_sm-201x300 (1)Bethlehem Covenant Church is joining with the Paul Carlson Partnership to help establish one of 108 brand new medical clinics to serve remote villages. In cooperation with First Covenant Church Saint Paul and Red Wing Covenant Church, our goal is to raise $50,000 over five years to provide solar power, supplies, running water, and trained nurses to the Bobanganza Clinic.

In the month of February we aim to raise $3333 towards our goal. Consider making a contribution to a cause that will literally save lives. Checks can be made out to the Paul Carlson Partnership and brought to the church office. Donation envelopes will also be available at worship each Sunday in February.

UPDATE: We’ve reached our goal and then some! Thank you to all who contributed. Your gifts are literally saving lives in the DRC!