‘Entitlement’ Parenting Seminar

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It is time for part two of our three part Parenting Seminars. On Friday, January 23rd from 5:45-8:30pm we will be welcoming Connected Families to teach on the topic of Entitlement.

There has never been a time in American history when children had so much but were expected to do so little to get it. Research says narcissism has tripled in three generations. To counteract this trend, you need insight into what’s going on underneath the self-centered attitudes.

What are the subtle cultural messages shaping your child’s beliefs? How might your parenting be unintentionally contributing to this sense of entitlement? What you can do to change the momentum? In this workshop you will learn practical Biblical principles to cultivate a family culture of responsibility, gratitude and service.

Pizza will be served and childcare will be available for children up through 4th grade. Register for the seminar here: Online Registration or in the church office by Tuesday, January 20th.