Immerse Bible Reading Experience

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Last spring our church did an experimental project to read the entire New Testament in 8-weeks with a newly formatted text of the books of the Bible. The feedback from the project was tremendous from both Bethlehem and hundreds of other congregation across our denomination. So with that in mind, we’re setting off to continue this new project in Bible reading with The Immerse Bible Reading Experience.

Starting the week of March 1st you’re invited to join with others at Bethlehem to read Immerse: Beginnings and with a simple 5-day a week reading schedule, we’ll read the entire first five books of the Old Testament in 8 weeks. Immerse: Beginnings is the first volume of a 6 volume text of the Old and New Testament designed for easy reading. Beginnings includes the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

Additionally, we’re organizing a handful of small group “book clubs” to meet each week for you to informally discuss your reading and your questions. Look for information and sign-ups in the atrium in the coming weeks.  We’ll have copies of the book for sale in the atrium for just $8. E-Books, Audio Files, and a host of other resources can be downloaded from the Immerse website .