New resource website

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We have added a new website called Learn to contain stories and details on the ‘operations’ of our common life together in the physical church facility.  Here you will find articles about past building projects, volunteer efforts, how-to guides, pictures, videos, history, documentation, etc.

The goal is to capture both the stories and the technical detail of the many projects going on at Bethlehem so that future stewards can learn and continue the tradition, as well as enjoy the stories and people working together to keep this place running!  Over time, this information will become a multi-media manual for how to access and participate in service opportunities at the church.

Examples of the type of information we will collect here:

  • Building projects and technical data
  • How-to guides on volunteer opportunities like Banana Bread Bake, Spring clean up
  • Procedures for various building related things
  • Why is this thing the way it is?
  • History stories and artifacts

Think of it as an online recipe book for church service opportunities!

Most of the information will be ‘public’, but with some sections containing technical data requiring a username/password for access.

Check out the inaugural article describing the recent Community Room Acoustics project!