Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships

Serving together is a great way to deepen relationships and be a part of what God is doing in the world. The heartbeat of service at Bethlehem Covenant is working through partnerships already on the ground to better serve and love those around us. We desire to connect with our community by walking and serving alongside them, breaking down the walls of the church to include all those in our neighborhood.

We currently partner with serval different organizations to meet the needs of our community:

Every Meal

We partner with Dowling Elementary to bring food to students and their families.

We work together to deliver food to those who are home-bound.

Community Emergency Services

Community Emergency Services – we help volunteer at the food shelf as well as┬áproviding emergency services.

World Vision

We contribute to World Vision, supporting the work of the church in the larger world.

Lake Street Council

We support the work of our business neighbors, rebuilding Lake Street and adding to our thriving community.

Longfellow Community Council

We support the work of building strong, safe neighborhoods in our surrounding area.