Children’s Ministries Parent Link: Feb. 1, 2012

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Greetings parents,

I’ll be writing a weekly post, sort of a “parent link” to keep you updated with what the children of Bethlehem are learning and doing each week.  On Sunday mornings before the children break into their individual Sunday school classes, they’ve been learning Psalm 8, which is our theme for this year, so far we’ve learned the first five verses and starting this Sunday we’ll be working on Psalm 8:6.  The children have done a great job memorizing it.

In Pioneer Club, the last few lessons have been focusing on Jesus as the good shepherd, the children have learned what it means for Jesus to be our “shepherd” and that the good shepherd laid down his life for all of his beloved sheep.  We’ve also discussed what it means to follow the good shepherd.  This week be sure to check out our winter picnic at Minnehaha Academy’s north campus, all Wednesday evening programming will be at MA tonight.

I deeply appreciate all your prayers and kind words as Laura and I continue to await the birth of our first child, be sure to check out the “Parent Link” blog post each week to stay current with children’s ministries here at Bethlehem Covenant Church.


Pastor Derek