Confirmation 2017-18: Session Twenty-Four

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While we’ve been working through the narrative and history of the people of Israel, its important to understand the wider meaning of the story of the Old Testament as it relates to the Christian Faith and our own life in Christ. Again, returning to the them of Exile we see that the the story of the Jews captivity in Babylon and return to Jerusalem is a kind of unfinished story that exemplifies the human condition.

Again, I point us to the “Two Parts” of the Bible: the problem and the solution. Humanity is captive to sin, death, and the powers of evil. God provides a solution by way of a Covenant for a Holy People, a Covenant that is climaxed in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This story is not just a historical or literary thing of interest. The Bible’s story is meant to form our lives as individuals and as a community of the church. So as we wrap up this year of study our final journaling questions are these:

What does it mean to you that God has made a Covenant with you? How does that impact your life, your outlook, your sense of self, and your hope?

What does it look like in your life to be “a Holy People”?

My hope is that as we listen for God’s voice in the stories of the Bible, we’ll find that Christian Faith becomes the center of our life. We’ll learn to trust God, and out of that trust we’ll love God and neighbor with a holiness and a faithfulness that will heal the world’s deepest hurts as we seek to know the grace of God and be his holy people.

“Life is like a wheel which must revolve about something not itself if it is to function. If not the living God, it will find some other center – some idol which gives a semblance of meaning…” Donald Frisk‬